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City Road Project Nears Completion
A painting crew stripes one of several downtown streets during the hot weather of the past week. The company is one of several involved in the overall project, putting the finishing touches on yellow street center lines in several areas of town. A crew of three trucks temporarily blocked off Topeka Street between First and Second streets on Tuesday, June 28. The first, and largest, painted the lines while the two in the rear prevented traffic from driving up behind, or passing. Ric McGinnis/The News

Work on Riverbank’s city streets, all across town, should be completed soon.

Most the streets, or portions of, have been scraped, slurry sealed and repainted, some with different color stripes. The project has taken weeks to accomplish.

Where the scraping was necessary, to remove old striping, the surface was ground down to prevent the seal work from not sticking where it was applied. Streets and neighborhoods were blocked off temporarily while the work was being done, in stages. Once the scraping was done, the seal coat was applied in several large swaths on the designated block and allowed to cool before that section of street was reopened.

When it was time to paint, several trips were required. The crosswalks, ‘STOP’ and Bicycle Lane signage on the streets had to be painted with a special applicator, which heated the plastic until it was applied, and the appropriate stencils.

Then it was time for the striping. Crosswalks, sign and bicycle lane lines were done in white, while most of the center lines were done in yellow, with much larger trucks painting in virtually straight lines or following the curve of the street.

The work, and temporary closures, affected both commercial and residential neighborhoods all over town, including in the Crossroads area.