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Council Selects Preferred Route For Corridor Project
Riv City Council

During the Riverbank City Council meeting on Oct. 24, Stanislaus County Public Works Director Matt Machado presented the Mayor, councilmembers, city staff and the public an update and detailed look at the North County Corridor (NCC) Project and Route Alternatives. The Environmental Impact Report period for the North County Corridor Project ended on Oct. 16.

After some discussions and a few questions there was a unanimous vote by the City Council to select Alternative Route 1B.

The City Council was asked to adopt a resolution on the preferred route alignment which was broken down into four alternatives 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B that will connect SR-219 near Modesto to SR-120 near Oakdale. This project in Stanislaus County will affect the cities of Modesto, Oakdale, and Riverbank.

Kathleen Cleek, Development Services Administration Manager, also discussed the NCC project and the route options further during the council meeting.

Alternative routes 1A and 1B veer northeast from near the existing Claus Road/Claribel Road intersection and pass through the southern boundary of the City of Oakdale to just east of Albers Road, and Alternatives 2A and 2B continue to extend easterly along Claribel Road and veer northeastward past the intersection of Claribel Road/Bentley Road to just east of Albers Road. Each of the alternatives then continues to the respective proposed eastern end (A and B).

Machado explained that alternatives 1A and 2A are shorter in length than 1B and 2B and less impacts to farmland and wildlife habitat. He added that this expressway will improve regional network circulation, relieve existing traffic congestion, reduce traffic delays, accommodate future traffic and benefit commerce and enhance safety.

The Oakdale City Council passed the resolution to adopt route 1B on Sept. 18 and was mentioned that it was the preferred alternative. The project cost for Alternative 1B is $688 million.

As listed on the agenda, the NCC is a key component to development in and around Riverbank. In addition, it indicated that the project has the potential to greatly affect the LRA, Crossroads West and other key projects, components of which are listed throughout the current strategic plan. Ensuring adequate vehicle circulation and truck access to the NCC on the east side of Riverbank only helps to guarantee success of future job creating land uses surrounding the Riverbank Industrial Complex, said officials.