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Ditman Releases New Book Featuring Stories For Children
Glenn Allen
Local author Glenn Allen Ditman has a book available on Amazon that has three short original childrens stories. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

Glenn Allen Ditman has released a book called “Glenn Allen’s Anthology” that is available on Amazon. The book is a collection of original stories for children that were partially inspired from his childhood. The book was completed this past December.

“I would say it (the book) is actually for anybody but the stories are probably for elementary age,” said Ditman. “Get it (the book) because it is fun.”

The first story is called Crabby Mrs. Crabtree that was inspired by a grumpy teacher that he had in kindergarten. The second story, How the Mockingbird Lost Its Song, is a moral tale that came to him on a Saturday afternoon. Ditman originally wrote the third story A Christmas Tale when he was in middle school that received an honorable mention during a holiday writing contest.

“When I was a kid I used to write stories in school and the teachers really liked them a lot and even when I was a kid I thought, I would like to be an author,” said Ditman. “I have definitely gotten really good feedback on the book. One of the women from the Sonora writing group took the proof, read through it and loved the story.”

Ditman, along with the Riverbank Historical Society, also assembled the information and pictures for “Images of America Riverbank” published by Arcadia Publishing that came out a few years ago.

With the history that he has with Riverbank that goes back to when both his great-grandfathers (Ditman and Harris) helped create the town many years ago, and the work he did with the Riverbank Historical Society, Ditman has a lot of love for Riverbank.

“I would say what inspired me was the fact that my relatives had a role in the foundation of the town,” explained Ditman on the inspiration for the book on Riverbank. “It kind of got me going finding out more about them (great granddads) and more about the town. It is fascinating what I find. The history of the people who created the town and the people who came in and helped establish it and make it what it is now.”

After several setbacks, many struggles, and loss of local loved ones, Ditman has moved to Sonora to be closer to some relatives. He plans to continue writing and is currently working on a novel about his aunt.

“Now I am working on a novel about my aunt so I am just exploring my talents,” stated Ditman. “Wherever my muse inspires me I guess you could say.”