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Dollar General Opens Grandly Over The Weekend
Dollar G Riv
For its first official open day, on Saturday, Oct. 26, the new Dollar General store held its grand opening with specials all day. Early shoppers received free items, like branded tote bags and tumblers, with the earliest snagging a free gift card. Ric McGinnis/The News

Early holiday shoppers had an additional opportunity in Riverbank to pick up early bird goodies in advance of the upcoming Christmas holiday with the ‘official’ Grand Opening of the new Dollar General store.

Although the store has had a ‘soft’ opening over the past few weeks, intended to iron out any kinks in operations for the new store, Saturday, Oct. 26, was the day selected for the big hoopla event.

Advertising ahead of the grand opening offered free items for the first adults shopping on Saturday, and included savings coupons to be brought to the store. The store features home decor, party supplies, cleaning and paper products, food and drinks, health and beauty and pet supplies. It also features seasonal products, and now sports Christmas items on sale, right next to Halloween goodies.

Recent uproar on social media indicated that neighbors were wondering how the Dollar General store could be built where it is, in the midst of homes on that side of the street.

The store is located on Roselle Avenue in western Riverbank, in an area assumed to be residential, but city officials have pointed out is actually zoned M-1, which is Light Industrial, according to city Building and Planning Manager Donna Kenney. That includes all of the east side of Roselle, between Patterson Road and Powers Avenue.

Kenney has explained that the existing homes in the area are “legally non-conforming.” The houses were there before the zoning changed. She said people can continue to live in those houses.

“They can repair their homes but not increase the living space,” she said. “If a house is vacant longer than six months, it is no longer considered a residential structure and has to become commercial or industrial like the Dollar (General) store site.”

The M-1 (commercial-industrial zone) designation includes any building use except, ‘hospitals, labor camps, schools and recreation centers’ as well as dwellings.

Dollar G Riv
Although doors had been open for a few weeks, the new Dollar General store in Riverbank held its official opening on Saturday, Oct. 26. Advertising great selection and low prices, the store features home decor, party supplies, seasonal items and drug and grocery store products for sale. Ric McGinnis/The News