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Final Gubernatorial Primary Election Results
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Stanislaus County Clerk Recorder and Registrar of Voters Lee Lundrigan announced the June 3, Gubernatorial Primary Election canvass completion of the vote as of June 12. Stanislaus County certified its election results which can be found posted on the election website,

California law required certification of this election to take on or before July 1, which is 28-days following this Election Day. This was a statewide primary election and included all of Stanislaus County voters. Over 750 volunteer election officers worked to support this Gubernatorial Primary Election. There were also 25 adopt-a-poll volunteer organizations and 16 field inspectors supporting this election at the polls.

The certification of the vote includes an official summary of the results, including a tally of votes conducted by Stanislaus County for qualified write in candidates for Governor, Congressional District 10 and California State Assembly District 21. In those races all results from each of the counties involved must be viewed and combined to establish total votes received for qualified write-in candidates.

Stanislaus had 211,277 registered voters eligible to cast their ballot in this election, of which 55,835 voted. 45,704 ballots were cast by mail in Stanislaus County compared with 10,131 Stanislaus voters going to the polls on Election Day. Voter turn-out was 26.43 percent in this election.