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Fireworks Committee To Review Ordinance

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and to prepare for the patriotic day filled with celebrations and fireworks, the City of Riverbank has created a Fireworks Committee. City Council members Cindy Fosi and Cal Campbell are the only formal members on the committee.

The current city law permits only certain types of fireworks to be used within the city, specifically the ‘Safe and Sane’ fireworks. The following fireworks are not to be sold within the city: a squib, rocket, firecracker, roman candle, fire balloon, or other explosive type fireworks.

City Manager Sean Scully explained that the purpose of the committee is to examine the current fireworks ordinance and propose a new set of regulations that address the growing problem of illegal firework activity in Riverbank.

The committee has only met one time to discuss the development of possibilities for a new ordinance for the full council to ultimately consider.

Any person, firm, or corporation selling safe and sane fireworks must have applied and received a city permit. Only certain non-profit organizations will be considered for a permit. Stands can be constructed on June 24 and must be taken down by July 7.

“Just to be aware of just how dangerous illegal fireworks are and that when you use them you put yourself, your family and your neighbors at great risk,” expressed Scully when asked what he wanted to share with the community regarding the upcoming holiday. “Be responsible and have fun.”