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Food Sharing Organization Offers Weekly Distribution
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Local residents who participate in Riverbank Christian Food Sharing events at the Scout Hall on Friday mornings now get their items in a ‘drive thru’ fashion and coordinator Lynda Silva said they continue to see more residents needing the extra help to put food on the table. Ric McGinnis/The News

Riverbank Christian Food Sharing (RCFS) has been distributing food to the Riverbank community for many years and this year they have seen a rise in the number of people served. Case in point, the Friday before Thanksgiving, the volunteers there said food was distributed to 130 families in a drive thru fashion at the Scout Hall, out of which the organization operations.

They distributed turkeys and chickens to families based on the number of people in the household. There were approximately 50 turkeys given out along with several bags filled with canned vegetables, five pound bags of potatoes, stuffing, bread, miscellaneous cookies, crackers, and meats that were donated from local markets.

“We are seeing about 120 families each week,” stated coordinator Lynda Silva. “We give out food to Riverbank residents every Friday morning through a drive thru process. Yes there is a greater need. We see new families every week as conditions change in their lives.”

The group sets up at the Scout Hall each Friday morning for the food distribution. Riverbank Christian Food Sharing is defined as an emergency food pantry that provides people a three day food supply to help families get through tough times and food shortages. They obtain food with a federal grant that they apply for and with that grant, purchases are made from local businesses like O’Brien’s Market, Save Mart, and Cost Less or wherever they can get the best prices on what is needed.

“Turkeys were all purchased from local stores taking advantage of their sales thanks in part to a donation from The Bridge Church in Riverbank who donated money specifically to purchase turkeys and many were donated by individuals that purchased and donated them,” noted Silva.

RCFS is a nonprofit organization that is volunteer based and not sponsored or part of any other organization.

“We have a very dedicated group of about eight individuals that work throughout the week picking up donated food, purchases, and bagging food in preparation for the drive thru on Fridays,” expressed Silva. “Why do we keep doing what we are doing? Because no one should go hungry or be without food.”

December distributions are on the schedule for Fridays, Dec. 4, 11 and 18 as well as a special Thursday giveaway on Dec. 24. Silva said the food sharing group will also be open on Friday, Jan. 1.