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Get The Blood Flowing At The Circulation Station
Several of Virginia Whitworth’s clients come from nearby areas like this Escalon resident that has been experiencing the eight-minute treatment for the past few weeks. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
Owner Virginia Whitworth invites people of all ages to drop in and see how she can help relieve some pain. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

A new business opened up on Aug. 1 in downtown Riverbank called The Circulation Station to help provide Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy that helps regulate the flow of energy in the body.

After a few rear end collision-type auto accidents which caused Virginia Whitworth some chronic back issues, she decided to come out of retirement and help others that may be experiencing chronic pain, chronic illness, immune disorders, blood sugar issues, joint discomfort, sports injuries, cardiovascular problems, low energy and stress.

“The doctor told me eventually you are going to get arthritis in your back and experience that pain and I didn’t believe it until this last winter,” said Whitworth. “This last winter I happened to find a place that had this pulse, electromagnetic field therapy and I didn’t have a clue what it was.”

Walking into the building and hearing all about it she still had some doubts that it was possible to undergo such a treatment and have some pain relief. Although she had great hesitation she decided to give it a try and after six weeks, Whitworth was able to stop taking ibuprofen that she had been taking on a daily basis.

“So it reduced the inflammation of my arthritis,” added Whitworth. “At that point I became a believer. It is pulse electromagnetic field therapy and what it does is it envelops you with this electromagnetic field and that in turn opens up the microcirculation. With free flowing blood through your body it allows things to heal naturally. It self regulates your body.”

Whitworth explained that the treatment is noninvasive, painless, and therapy is only eight minutes long and dependent on the degree of the injury or illness it could be three to five times a week.

Whitworth was born and raised in Modesto but has called Riverbank home for the past 10 years. Opening a business was a bit intimidating for her since she had never had a business before and was retired, but the thought of helping people and giving them some relief was more important than any fears she may have had about the endeavor.

“It is not a cure but it relieves symptoms,” stated Whitworth. “If you are experiencing chronic pain any relief is appreciated. It is a relief; that is why I decided to do this. There are occasional times that I twist my back but I know now that if I do twist my back I come in here and do my own therapy.”

Clients have the option of sitting or lying down on the mat to experience the total microcirculation throughout the body and for people with chronic back pain there is a device that is placed around the back to isolate the area. Whitworth also offers a red light treatment for people that may have skin issues.

“There is no age limit to this,” expressed Whitworth. “It is good for any age. I want to have a nice relaxing atmosphere for people. I want them to relax and enjoy their eight minutes of quiet time.”

For more information visit, stop by the office or call 209-543-4287.