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Grand Theft Case Investigated At Ulta

Deputies with Riverbank Police Services were dispatched to Ulta due to a grand theft on Monday, Nov. 21 at 7:24 p.m. Three suspects entered the store with bags in hand and stuffed them with men’s cologne and women’s perfumes and stole over $1000 worth of products. They fled the area in a white four-door Toyota.

Officials reported that the license plate was not seen and there were no firearms used during the incident. Ulta has surveillance cameras that will be used in the investigation to assist in solving the case, added authorities.

In the state of California, the threshold amount for grand theft is $950 or more which is a felony.

Sergeant Steve Hatzigeorgiou of RPS noted that in most snatch and grab thefts there are no firearms or weapons used and people do not intervene.

“The best thing to do in these situations is to be a good witness,” said Hatzigeorgiou. “Get the best description you can and see if you can obtain a license plate for law enforcement. If these suspects are caught, and it is determined they have committed multiple thefts, they will be tried for “organized retail theft” which is a felony.”

The sergeant added that shoppers should not leave purchased items visible in their vehicle, especially during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

“Unfortunately, legislation has our hands tied and we are limited on what we can do,” stated Hatzigeorgiou. “Most of the suspects are released soon after they are booked in jail. Once out, they are usually committing the same thefts again.”