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Historic Downtown Building Gets Fitted For New Windows
Glass specialists work to cut new window frames for the storefront being converted into a health clinic on Santa Fe Street. What was once a shoe store, a hardware store then a hair salon is being remodeled to be filled with patient suites and doctors offices. Ric McGinnis/The News

A building in downtown Riverbank, once known for its shoe store, hardware store then hair salon, was getting new windows this past week.

The former storefront, on the south side of Santa Fe Street at 3234, was originally McDonald’s Shoe Store, then for a long time it was Sorenson’s True Value Hardware. After sitting vacant for some time, it was converted to a hair salon called One Cut Above.

Now, the building is being converted inside to a group of patient suites with doctor’s offices in the rear. New walls have been built inside the shell, and the ceiling dropped to conserve on heating and cooling costs.

The double paned windows were being fitted last week by workmen in preparation of interior painting on the new wall surfaces. The remodel plans include upgrades to the store facade and new signage in addition to the patient treatment areas. The work will include a covered staff area on the adjacent paved area.

A spokesman for M&W Construction out of Merced said the building changes might be completed by the end of April.