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Historical Society Hosts Annual Omelet Breakfast
Omelet pix
Volunteer workers at the Riverbank Historical Society gather at the museum to begin assembly of the materials necessary to put on their annual After Mothers Day Omelet Breakfast. The annual fundraiser provides all operating costs for the organization and will be held at the Riverbank Community Center this Sunday, May 21. Shown, from left, Gloria Bracco, Judie Hardie, Mary Banda, Emily Helm, and former society president Paulette Robison. Ric McGinnis/The News

Call it breakfast, lunch or just brunch, volunteers of the Riverbank Historical Society will be serving up their hand made omelets this Sunday at the Riverbank Community Center.

The custom egg dish enterprise, known as the After Mother’s Day Omelet Breakfast, is an annual fixture with the society, since it provides its operating funds for the year. Other efforts by the society to raise money are aimed at building an annex building to be able to display more of the historic materials it holds.

One of the larger items they want to showcase at the annex is the original Model T fire engine the society owns, known as Engine No. 1, or River Red, as named by a class at Crossroads Elementary School.

Doors open on Sunday, May 21, at the Community Center at 8:30 a.m. The event will continue until 12:30 p.m., hoping to be convenient for folks going to, or coming from, church as well as those who might sleep in on Sundays. In addition to the omelets, mimosas will be available for sale.