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MJC Walnuts Earn Top Quality Award

Walnuts grown by Modesto Junior College were recognized by Diamond as one of their Top Quality Award Winners 2017 Crop. Diamond’s Top Quality Awards are presented annually on a regional basis to producers of each area’s primary varieties. MJC won the award for the Tulare walnut varietal in the Northern San Joaquin Valley region.

Honorees are selected at the account level and are determined by the highest combined total of quality attributes such as percent edible yield, reflected light index (RLI) score (lighter colored walnut meats are more desirable), low off-grade and jumbo size. Winners received a plaque inscribed with their region, account name, and notable variety.

The award-winning MJC walnuts were grown on the college’s Beckwith Ranch property in Modesto. The farm is operated by the college’s Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Division as a learning lab for students.

Other winners and varietal divisions included: Beltran Farms, Overall Quality Champion; Vincent Belli, William J. Machado & Sons, Chandler; Lee Metzler Farming Inc., Franquette; Metwalli B. Amer, Hartley; 1996 Costa Family Trust, Howard; Eilers Ranch LLC, Payne; Douglas W. Barnill, Serr; Covers Geoponic Inc., Vina.