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New Electric Powered Motorcycle Displayed
Zero cycle
Deputy Matthew Orr shows off his new Zero motorcycle, one of three new units assigned to Riverbank Police Services recently. He displayed the electric bike at Mayor Richard OBriens State of the City presentation earlier this month at the Community Center. Ric McGinnis/The News

Among the items covered in Riverbank Mayor Richard O’Brien’s ‘State of the City’ address earlier this month was the acquisition of three brand new electric powered motorcycles for traffic control by Riverbank Police Services.

Deputy Matthew Orr was on hand for the program at the city’s Community Center and discussed his new bike with attendees after the presentation, telling them of the advantages of using equipment that operates on battery power.

Orr said that his vehicle can run for eight to 10 hours continuously, depending on speed, before needing to be recharged. He said that, although it might not be so useful for Highway Patrol needs, with top speed limitations, it is perfect for local traffic enforcement.

He said another advantage to the quiet battery power is that it’s easy to sneak up on traffic violators. Drivers probably won’t hear an officer start up his bike and pull out in pursuit.

As an additional benefit, Orr said, the new units weigh about half as much as the former Harley-Davison bikes the department owned, although they do take a slightly wider turn radius.

The equipment purchase was funded through a special grant.