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New LED Signal Lights Replace No Turn Sign
No turn pix
Shown, the new LED No-Right-Turn signal lights installed by Caltrans at the Oakdale-Patterson Road (Highway 108) intersection. According to Riverbank Police Services, drivers in the vicinity have experienced some confusion over right turns there. Ric McGinnis/The News


Drivers approaching Highway 108 going north on Oakdale Road face less confusion and more opportunities to turn east at the intersection near the AM/PM station.

Caltrans recently made a change in the signal lights in the northbound turn lane on Oakdale Road, with traffic now sometimes allowed to turn east onto Highway 108/Patterson Road. The right turn on red is allowed when a new LED No-Right-Turn sign is off, according to Riverbank Police Services.

In the past, motorists who were unfamiliar the intersection may have thought they were allowed to make the turn on a red light, even though vehicles traveling west on Patterson are allowed to make a U-turn at the location, creating potential conflicts with travelers turning east. A highway sign indicating the restriction was placed yards south of the intersection, not always visible by drivers who were stopped at the crosswalk.

Now there are two digital, LED lit signs indicating when it is safe to turn right, one on the near stop light pole, the other across the street but still facing south, easily visible from the turn lane.