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No Passing Zone Repainted Near Crossroads Elementary
Painting a double yellow line in front of Crossroads Elementary School last week, a contractor was finishing up the stretch of Prospectors Way between Saxon and Crawford, where, before and after school, traffic is very congested. Ric McGinnis/The News


Workers were busy this past week, with a street painting crew redoing the double center lines in the vicinity of Crossroads Elementary School in Riverbank.

Completed in individual passes, the yellow line equipment featured material that made it dry immediately, so the streets didn’t have to be blocked off during the work.

The most important part of the job was on Prospector’s Way, said officials, running from Saxon Way, in front of the school, around to Crawford Road, and down Saxon to Squire Wells Way. The area is very congested during pickup and drop off times before and after on school days.

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, painters weren’t worried much about traffic while they were working, they were most concerned that they would finish before the after school rush of traffic picking up students.