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Outdoor Adventure Campers At Pinecrest
During an overnight camping trip to Pinecrest, campers enjoyed paddle boats and kayaks on Pinecrest Lake for an outdoor adventure. Alexander Zamora and Gilbert Gomez paddled the kayaks around the river with the paddle boats close behind. Photo Courtesy Of Kerrie Webb


Riverbank’s Outdoor Adventure Club members enjoyed an overnight trip in Pinecrest at Pioneer Trail in the Sierra Nevadas earlier this month for a midweek summer camping trip.

There were 10 youngsters and four adult chaperons that departed from the Riverbank Teen Center on Wednesday, July 15 at 9 a.m. and returned on Thursday, July 16 in the late afternoon.

During the overnight trip campers experienced an outdoor adventure on the lake with kayaks and paddle boats along with a three- to four-mile hike around the lake.

The campers between the ages of 13 and 18 had to set up their shelter when they arrived and to motivate them, they had a contest to see who could put their tent up the fastest, which was won by the staff members accompanying the campers on the trip.

Another activity the campers enjoyed was a treasure hunt for a hidden object. The campers also had to find two immunity idols like they do on the hit show “Survivor” which were retrieved by Xena Barnwell and Vanessa Argumedo.

“They got the choice to have the first meal or the first s’more,” said Kerri Webb, Parks and Recreation Supervisor. “We also played ‘Spoons’ card game and LCR dice game.

“They enjoyed sitting around the camp fire and laughing.”

The trip was sponsored by the City of Riverbank Parks and Recreation Department for the youngsters that are members of the Outdoor Adventure Club.

The club has also taken a trip to Santa Cruz and had a rafting adventure down the Stanislaus River.

Youth that enjoy the great outdoors are welcome to join the club by filing out an application. Call the Parks and Recreation Department at 209-863-7150 for more information.

“The kids had a great time,” added Webb. “Collecting fire wood and finding walking sticks had the kids going all the time.”