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Plumbers Continue Work On New Health Care Clinic
One of the plumbers working on the new downtown Riverbank health clinic last week applies sealant to a fixture that will connect the drain of one of the restroom sinks. A date of completion has not been set, as there is still much work to be done both in and outside of the facility.

Work continues on the remodeling of the former hardware store in the heart of downtown Riverbank, with progress being made each week.

Progress, however, has slowed with the many steps required to convert the large, spacious two-wing building into the many suites that will accommodate patients in a brand new health clinic there.

This past week, plumbers had begun installing sinks, toilets and a hot water system to service the facility, with a number of restrooms and other facilities necessary. A bit earlier, the old exterior sign was taken down and a new coat of tan paint began covering the white walls. Eventually, a new sign will face Santa Fe Street.

The reception area is beginning to take shape, with recent installation of interior windows and a counter in the office.

Weeks ago, the old chain link fence was removed, to be replaced with the black iron fence, bike stand and gate that is there now. Ultimately, a new outdoor break area will be installed, according to the contractor.

The former storefront, on the south side of Santa Fe Street at 3234, was originally McDonald’s Shoe Store, then for a long time it was Sorenson’s True Value Hardware. After sitting vacant for some time, it was converted to a hair salon called One Cut Above.

New walls and a long hall have been built inside the shell and the ceiling is being dropped to conserve on heating and cooling costs.

The double paned windows and a new front door also were fitted weeks ago by workmen in preparation of interior painting on the new wall surfaces. The remodel plan includes upgrades to the store façade and new signage in addition to the patient treatment areas.