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RHS Seniors Receive Awards, Scholarships
During Senior Awards announcements at Riverbank High, principal Dr. Sean Richey presented the selection for Valedictorians at the upcoming graduation ceremonies all 11 of them. Not all were present, but those shown received their certificates and trophies. Recipients include Jesus Aguiniga, Saira Moreno, Ryan Choeb, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Kameron Gilbert, Alondra Hernandez, Angelina Moreno, Valeria Aguiniga, Jennifer Endsley, Alondra Valdez and Alejandro Manzo.

Thousands of dollars in scholarships and other awards were presented to graduating Riverbank High School seniors at a ceremony in the Ray Fauria Memorial Gymnasium on Wednesday, May 9.

Members of the Fauria family were on hand to award scholarships in honor of both he and his wife Vivian. The late Ray Fauria was the first principal of the high school, 50 years ago, and both he and his wife were instrumental in founding the Riverbank Historical Society.

RHS varsity baseball boys almost missed the program, arriving late because of a lengthy contest in their last home game of the season. But they arrived in time for most of the ceremonies. The tennis team had a similar difficulty, arriving late after a tournament victory and Division II Section title win in Stockton. All was well, however, as all deserving athletes received their awards.

Information tabulated from the school’s program lists indicate that around $60,000 in some 90 scholarships and 130 other awards were presented on May 9.

Awards were presented to scholar-athletes and other students, many receiving multiple awards.

They were presented by individuals representing organizations ranging from the Marine Corps and U.S. Army, to families, clubs, civic organizations and people representing themselves. Also, the group includes teachers and administrators, both former and current.

Some scholarships were presented in memory of former teachers or administrators or former students through the years.

Following the presentations, RHS Principal Dr. Sean Richey said that the Class of 2018 was the largest, most accomplished class he’s worked with in the 10 years he has been at RHS.

An indication of that fact was apparent during his presentation that night of the Valedictorian for the upcoming graduation ceremonies. The criteria for the selection is usually who has the highest GPA.

However, he said, “this year there was a tie ... and there are 11 students who have posted at 4.0+ grade average.”

His list of names included Jesus and Valeria Aguiniga, Angelina and Saira Moreno, Ryan Choeb, Kameron Gilbert, Alondra Hernandez, Alejandro Manzo, Alondra Valdez, Jennifer Endsley and Guadalupe Rodriguez.

Dr. Richey gave no indication of how he planned to handle the log jam it might create during graduation ceremonies. In recent years multiple speakers have split the time set aside to address the audience and classmates.