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Riverbank High Seniors Celebrate Upcoming Graduation
Riverbank High seniors are in line for tasty tacos Friday evening, prior to the Senior Sunset celebration. They ate dinner, chatted with classmates and some danced while waiting for the official moment on the football field in Angelo Novi Stadium. News Photos By Ric McGinnis

Several activities on the Riverbank High School campus at the end of last week helped denote the beginning of the end, both for the students in general, and specifically, members of the Class of 2018.

After a somewhat shortened class schedule because of the assembly schedule, many members of the senior class gathered outside the snack bar at the gymnasium/stadium complex for some food, music and fun. Ultimately, they were waiting to celebrate Senior Sunset on the football field.

Between 6 p.m. and sunset, the students, along with a few parents and teachers, began the evening with some tasty tacos, catered, with beverages from the snack bar provided by the Bruins Boosters group. A DJ was on hand, providing music for listening and, for some, dancing.

As the sunset hour approached, shortly after 8 p.m., students gathered in the middle of the football field, much as they had back at the beginning of the school year, for Senior Sunrise. This time, also, there were words of encouragement from class officers and others just prior to the release of a pair of balloon clusters, colored in silver and maroon.

They sailed off in the breeze to the southeast, carrying words of encouragement and aspiration for the future as class members contemplated life after high school.