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Riverbank Police Services Reports Multiple Arrests

Several arrests have been made in a variety of cases over the past couple of weeks involving theft, narcotics and other violations keeping criminals off the streets of Riverbank.

During the graveyard shift on Thursday, April 5 a deputy responded to Kohls regarding a report of an adult male that was stealing merchandise. After a probation search, Aaron Blackmon, 27 was provided a ride to jail where he was booked for the theft.

On Tuesday, April 3 during the graveyard shift a deputy made a bike stop on Albert Delgado, 50, near Eighth Street and Kentucky Avenue for a vehicle code violation. Delgado had been drinking alcohol and a probation search revealed possession of methamphetamine. He was booked.

A deputy was doing foot patrol in the 2600 block of Santa Fe Street on Sunday, April 1 during the graveyard shift when he contacted Joseph McKinley, 37. A probation search revealed methamphetamine on his person. He was booked.

During the graveyard shift on March 31, a deputy responded to Target where a woman identified as Della Newman, 31, had stolen merchandise from the store. A records check revealed that Newman also had a no bail warrant out of Sacramento. She was booked for the theft and warrant.

Also on March 31 during the graveyard shift a deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle near Sierra Street and Sixth Street. The driver, Cammi Hooper, 41, advised she did not have a license. A records check additionally confirmed that she had a warrant for her arrest. A search during the arrest also revealed a plastic sandwich bag full of methamphetamine. She was booked for the warrant and possession of the methamphetamine.

A deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle at First Street and Atchison Street for a vehicle code violation during the dayshift on Wednesday, March 28. Ronnie Sigler, 30, was found to have a large knife strapped to his lower leg and concealed by his pants. He also had a set of brass knuckles in his pants pocket. He was arrested for the weapons violations. The deputy then determined that his passenger, Margaret Flores, 34, also had a warrant for her arrest. They were both booked.