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Santa Fe Road Work Nears Completion
Santa Fe pix
A road crew works to spread asphalt between First and Second streets on Santa Fe in downtown Riverbank last week. The completed project will leave behind handicapped parking in front of the Pacific Gold Cheese Factory there. Ric McGinnis/The News

As Christmas neared, road work in the first block of Santa Fe Street in downtown Riverbank also neared completion this past week.

Pacific Gold Cheese Factory was having a new handicapped parking area installed, between First and Second streets, just down from the loading dock area. The factory office address is on Second Street.

Progress was near complete last week, but barriers remained up in the eastbound lane of the street. After the project is accepted by city inspectors, the only thing left is the lines marking the parking spots, and a sign.

When asked about the unique slope of the street where the new pavement is, an inspection official said it was built to meet Americans With Disabilities Act specifications.

He said the roadway in that part of Santa Fe Street is higher than allowed, creating a slope that is too steep for wheelchairs. To solve the problem, the pavement at the new parking area is recessed, making a more gentle slope down to the new curb, the equally low in the curb cut, back up to sidewalk level.

Meanwhile, work is scheduled starting next week on another portion of Santa Fe.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 2 and continuing through Friday, Jan. 20 from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Irish Construction will be working on Santa Fe Street in Riverbank. The road work will stretch from Claus Road to Snedigar Road along Santa Fe. Traffic control devices will be in place. For more information, call 209-863-7127.