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Store With Bay Area Vibe Hits Crossroads
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Owner Ryan Sibitz of 1985 Gallery is shown here with a (right) Marty McFly Nike shoe with power laces and (left) the Nike Air Yeezy Red Rouge Kanye West shoe two unique and popular shoes. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS


A new store with a Bay area vibe has moved into the Crossroads shopping center, bringing the community a variety of brands, fashionable urban attire, hats, and an assortment of sneakers that could have you fitted from head to toe. The shop is called 1985 Gallery.

Three partners – Ryan Sibitz, Joseph Pak, and Cris Grams – have a store in Daly City near San Francisco that has been opened for approximately 10 years. They are a top tier Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Asics, shoe store as well as a few other brands. For the “sneakerheads” in the area, the variety of sneakers include retro shoes that came out in the ‘80s and early ‘90s as well as basketball based shoes like the Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant. The Gallery also offers men’s and women’s clothing.

Sibitz grew up in this area and graduated from Beyer High School, spent a few years at Modesto Junior College, and completed his education at Chico State, which then led him to the Bay area where he spent the past 15 years.

Discussions with his partners ensued and after a year the plans to open a store in Riverbank came to fruition.

1985 was the first year of the ‘Jordan’ and according to Sibitz that year the sneaker game changed and has evolved, making sneakers a fashion statement which was the inspiration for the store name.

“I wanted to come back out here and bring something to the valley,” stated Sibitz. “I mean growing up out here we never had like a Bay area store or an LA store where it was kind of a boutique and you would get certain brands that you would hear about in music or see on a movie or something like that.”

The brands that people can find at the 1985 Gallery are Diamond Supply, Black Scale, Hundreds, Huff, Stussy, and many more as well as Nike gear.

“A lot of the brands we have cover a good portion of Haight Street in San Francisco because there are a lot of up and coming boutiques and brands and then other LA brands as well to kind of get a little bit of a fashion forward sense but still kind of have something that kids in the valley could wear on a daily basis,” added Sibitz.

The clothing could be considered an urban style however; Sibitz explained that the clothing is everyday comfortable attire that is fashionable.

“So you can still kind of make a statement with what you are wearing and nowadays a lot of kids and even young adults will go and start their outfit based on what shoes they want to wear and then kind of work their way up,” stated Sibitz.

The 1985 Gallery has been open for a few weeks and will host a grand opening celebration on Sunday, Aug. 23 starting at 11 a.m. which will include live entertainment, a DJ, producer, rapper, Traxamillion, models, refreshments and a few cars on display.

“If you are not a shoe person there is still something that everybody can get into (at the Grand Opening),” said Sibitz. “I want to come back and bring something out here that has never been out here before.

“I want people when they come in here to feel like it is more of an experience not just like they are coming to buy a pair of shoes so that is why I want something for the whole family so that everyone feels comfortable and safe.”