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Summer Recess Begins For Riverbank Students
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One sure sign that summer has started is the eerie quiet that surrounds school campuses around Riverbank. The dust has finally settled, but at Crossroads Elementary School, signs the children were there abound. Every square foot of the asphalt playgrounds on campus remain covered with chalk art the students left behind. Ric McGinnis/The News

With graduations and the final days of school the week before, last week saw the onset of the summer vacation season in the area.

Though campuses in town are now empty, except for a few office staff members, one school features signs that students had been there ... and were busy during recess.

The Crossroads Elementary School playgrounds are jam packed with words and drawings left by the students in chalk. Some even traced their feet, their hands, or the complete outline of other students.

The temporary artwork remains, though students and most staff are now enjoying the summer break that will see them out of classes until the beginning of August.

At this early point in the summer, it’s unknown if school staff will end up cleaning off the asphalt or just letting the eventual rains wash it away. Campuses traditionally get a thorough cleaning over the summer so it’s more than likely that a fresh sheet of asphalt will greet students when they return.