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Vigil Completes Board
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Ana Vigil was sworn in as a trustee for the Riverbank Unified School District at the board meeting on Tuesday, May 6. Vigil applied for the trustee seat that was previously held by former trustee John Mitchell, who resigned in February. The board of trustees made Vigil a provisional appointed trustee in March and formalized it this month.

“Vigil is such a great asset to the board already,” said Board President, Elizabeth Meza. “She is very knowledgeable and has a background in finance.

“She also has a very balanced approach.”

To help the community get to know their new representative, The News recently conducted a ‘Q&A’ with Vigil.


Q - Why did you apply for the open trustee seat?

A – I’m at a stage in my life that allows me the time to engage myself in my hometown. As alumni of Rio Altura, California Avenue, Cardozo Middle School, and Riverbank High School, I have a deep attachment to Riverbank. The education and support I received gave me the foundation skills that helped me follow through and attain a higher level of education and become a productive member of society. I would like to contribute to the continued development of success of our youth. I am committed and have a personal, vested interest to ensure that this community flourishes with successful members of society.


Q – What do you do for a living?

A – I have 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. I am currently an Assistant Manager at a special district.


Q – Will you share a little bit about your family and background?

A – I was raised and have lived in Riverbank all my life. I do not have children but will be getting married soon. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Masters of Business Administration from University of the Pacific. My entire family has lived in Riverbank for over 37 years and has attended the schools in the district. I have three younger siblings that are alumni of Riverbank schools and alumni of University of the Pacific.


Q – What do you hope to do as a board member?

A – Our youth is the foundation of making this a great town and we need to ensure we are providing adequate resources in order to have them become successful. As a board member, my goal is to make the best decisions that will provide the greatest benefits to our students.


Q – How was your first meeting?

A – I attended a Debt Financing meeting prior to my first meeting. This debt meeting was helpful in understanding the financing RUSD has undergone. In order to provide effective leadership, one of the key items is to also be fiscally responsible and understand the state of finances the District is facing. Having this background helped me better understand and better decide on the decisions on the first meeting’s agenda. I know we have challenges ahead of us but I know that the Board is ready to make the best decisions for the District.


Q – Anything else that you think the community should know?

A – I am excited and honored to be a Board member and am looking forward to doing the best to serve our students and community. The best way we can accomplish anything is to collaborate together. We must be open to listen to everyone’s ideas and work together towards our common goal – which should be to have this District be successful in providing for all its stakeholders.