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Water Billing Changes Due In The New Year

The water bill Riverbank residents received earlier this month will be the last one they receive at a ‘flat rate’ for water service, according to a note accompanying the latest bill.

The latest charges are billed on that flat rate, covering charges through September and October.

“The next bill you receive will be based on ‘water consumption’,” the notice included in the bill indicated.

The new billing process will show up in the bill that comes in the mail in early January 2020. It will cover the period of Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2019.

Conversion to metered watering is apparently complete, so the flat rates will disappear.

The notice includes an example of ‘usage-based’ billing. It says that customers will be allotted 7,480 gallons as part of the base rate of $54.14. Usage above the 7,480 gallons will be billed at $0.000840 per gallon. A hypothetical 17,520 gallons would cost $14.72 in an example given with the latest billing.

Prior to this change in billing, residents were charged the flat rate of $54.14.

Finance Department officials note that bills are due by the end of the month they are received in. The recent billing is due by Nov. 30. A late notice will include a 10 percent penalty on the balance due.

Water usage is billed every two months, along with sewer and garbage charges.

Customers with additional questions can call the city’s finance department at (209) 863-7109.