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Sees Candies lures chocolate lovers
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Sees Candies in Stockton offers up assortment of chocolates in the popular gift boxes thats ideal for any occasion.


209 staff reporter

Ever since I can remember See’s Candies has been a fixture at the Weberstown Mall.

Where else in Stockton can you get some of the best chocolate around?

With the holidays fast approaching, See’s at 4950 Pacific Ave. (Weberstown Mall) or the other one at 1108 E. Hammer Lane is expected see hordes of customers.

But you can avoid all that by getting your chocolate fix right now.

See’s has  an assortment of chocolates to suit any of the cravings – milk, dark or white, or maybe nuts, chews or even truffles.

What’s more, See’s offer free samples simply by the asking or taking one that’s a featured item. I nearly forgot about that until my friend Claudia recently suggested making a stop at the corner shop of the mall for the freebee.

I had the Dark Almond, which is a roasted California almond smothered in rich dark chocolate.

While on the subject of dark chocolates, I’m also partial to the Dark Bordeaux – that’s the one with the creamy brown sugar soft center and decorated with chocolate rice.

There’s the Kona Mocha, which is a creamy center of coffee and milk chocolate covered in white chocolate and topped with toasted coconut flakes.

If it’s candy bars (package of four), See’s offers milk chocolate milk ($7.40), chocolate with toffee nuggets ($7.40), dark chocolate with almonds ($7.40), assorted ($7.40), sugar free milk ($8.80), and sugar free dark ($8.80).

See’s has plenty of fudge, including the Chocolate Walnut made from the original recipe, using dairy-fresh butter, heavy cream and premium English walnuts and sugar. Cost for a pound is $18.50.

Truffles are described by See’s as “little chocolate treasures.” These decadent bits come in choices such as Dark Chocolate Chip and creamy Café au Lait – each is generously enrobed in aged milk, dark and white chocolate.

Cost for 8 ounce box of truffles is $10.50, with a one pound box going for $21.

See’s, in addition, offers up the following:

·         Toffee-ettes – Little nuggets made in rich Danish butter toffee, roasted almonds smothered in milk chocolate ($18.50).

·         Awesome Peanut Brittle Bars – A combination of the old-fashioned crunchy peanut brittle and milk chocolate that’s ideal for a snack or party treat ($10.40).

·         Chocolate Seegars – A great way to celebrate that special occasion but cigar look-alike See’s milk chocolate wrapped in brown foil complete with a cigar brand. Three per pack at $8.

·         Chocolate Lollypops – This gourmet candy-on-a-stick is for kids of all ages. Approximately 30 per box at $17.75.

·          Assorted Chocolates (gift boxes) – A best seller for See’s featuring an arrangement of milk and dark chocolate-covered nuts, caramels, brittle, Bordeaux and much more. Cost range from $18.50 (one pound assorted) to $92.50 (five pounds assorted).

Directions to See’s Candies from Highway 99: Take Hammer Lane exit and travel west for several miles, passing West Lane and going two blocks to the store at 1108 E. Hammer Lane. To get to Weberstown Mall from there, continue taking Hammer Land to North Pacific Avenue, going south towards Delta College (the mall is directly across the street from there).

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