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Burglary Suspect Nabbed In San Joaquin Courtroom
Trina Jones
Trina Jones

Authorities received a tip on social media on Thursday, July 12 which led to the arrest of Trina Jones, 40, identified as the second suspect involved in a burglary in Riverbank on Sunday, July 8. The information that deputies received was that Jones was in court in San Joaquin County. Detectives contacted the bailiff in the courtroom that she was in and asked that she be detained. The detectives then picked her up from court and brought her to Stanislaus County for booking.

The incident she is accused in occurred previously in the Crossroads Shopping Complex in Riverbank, said police.

Loss prevention at Target contacted the Sheriff’s Department on July 8 to report that they observed a male and female exhibiting suspicious behavior, staging merchandise near an emergency exit inside the store. Target staff watched the subjects and advised that the female left the building and went to an older Toyota Camry with paper plates. She was waiting near the southeast side of the business. The male went back into the business where the merchandise had been staged. He was communicating with someone on a cell phone, store staff reported. While he was in the store he grabbed a large tote and filled it with several vacuum cleaners and numerous other items of clothing and then he fled out of the emergency exit to the vehicle that was waiting for him outside. The suspect got in the vehicle and the driver drove away. Deputies were not on scene yet. The deputies saw the vehicle on Squire Wells Way and got in behind them and tried to make a traffic stop.

The vehicle failed to yield. The vehicle was driven by a female and the male was in the rear passenger’s seat. A vehicle pursuit ensued. They continued eastbound on Crawford to Homewood. Authorities reported that the vehicle was running stop signs and driving approximately 45 mph in a residential neighborhood. Deputies were told at that time to stop pursuing the vehicle. So they terminated the actual pursuit but continued to follow and keep the vehicle in view. The suspects were observed driving into an orchard and the male exited the vehicle and fled on foot. After a foot pursuit and ensuring struggle, two deputies caught the male that fled on foot and he was arrested and booked. The female driver drove off in the vehicle and was at large until the tip that led to her arrest.

Gilbert Eshaya, 53, and Jones were arrested on suspicion of taking $1,600 worth of property from Target and are expected to face further court action. Eshaya was initially booked in the county jail on multiple counts including burglary, evading a peace officer, accessory, conspiracy, delay/obstruct a peace officer, committing a felony while released on bail and a probation violation.