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Cool Hand Luke’s Eyes Return To Riverbank
Cool Hand pix.jpg
Riverbank’s Cool Hand Luke’s steakhouse is expecting to reopen under new management by the end of the year. Although a sign visible in the window states that the shop is open for lunch on weekends, a note taped inside the glass of the front door thanks patrons but says the former franchisees have lost their lease. Ric McGinnis/The News

There's good news for diners in the Riverbank area. Cool Hand Luke’s is coming back.

Recent rumblings on social media, much like those that indicated the steakhouse was closing, now show it’s coming back.

A company called Heritage Restaurant Brands, based in San Luis Obispo, is working on the re-opening.

CEO Greg Graber said progress is continuing.

“Yes, Cool Hand Luke’s is indeed coming back in Riverbank and our team can’t wait to show the community what we’re all about. We are working through the liquor license application process and hope to be open around December if things go as planned,” Graber said in an e-mail.

Investigation reveals that Heritage Restaurant Brands is the operator of 34 restaurants including Cool Hand Luke’s, Huckleberry’s and Perko’s. They own and operate three other of the Cool Hand Luke’s, with locations in Paso Robles, Tulare, and Clovis, though San Luis Obispo is the home base.

They’re asking fans of the local restaurant to “stay tuned for hiring, grand opening dates and specials.”

They’re directing any questions to an e-mail address: