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Downtown Farmers Market Expands Offerings
With favorable weather and people eager to get outside, the second week of the Riverbank Farmers Market drew plenty of people to the downtown area on Tuesday, May 25. The market also expanded its offerings from the first week, with more locally grown fresh foods for sale, as well as cooked food from vendors and additional booths featuring clothing, crafts and even fresh cookies.
Where the first Farmers Market featured some live performance music, this past week it expanded into the Plaza del Rio Park and featured a DJ, playing continuous music through the three-hour run of the event, matching beats from one song to the next.
As promised, organizers of the Riverbank Farmers Market were able to attract more fresh fruit and vegetable vendors for the Tuesday, May 25 market, the second of the season. The downtown event begins at 5 p.m. and runs to 8 p.m. each Tuesday, and has expanded into the adjacent Plaza del Rio Park, with booths there, as well as down Santa Fe Street, between Third and Fourth streets.

As promised, the second gathering for the Riverbank Farmers Market expanded upon what it accomplished in its first outing, the week before.

After an absence of about three years, the market is back, with new organizers and lots of new vendors, from food to beverages to clothing, crafts, decorating items, and of course, more farm fresh food than the week before.

Following the first edition on May 18, there was some concern that there were few actual farmers participating, but that could have been because it isn’t the height of harvest season here in the valley, yet.

And, with more vendors participating, comes a need for more space, week two on Tuesday, May 25 saw booths expand into the Plaza del Rio Park area. And that was very convenient, since it is immediately adjacent to the block long area set out by the city for the market, on Santa Fe Street from Third to Fourth streets.

The plaza/park area offers increased seating capabilities, for those weary shoppers needing a bit of a rest, or a place to put their purchases down while they munch on some of the goodies available.

The market is held on Tuesdays, from 5 p.m. to 8t p.m., and is organized by a number of downtown business owners, with plans of running each week into September.