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Fosi, Hernandez Vie For Seat On Council
Rachel Hernandez
Rachel Hernandez
Cindy Fosi
Cindy Fosi

The upcoming November election will require a decision from voters in the city of Riverbank.

Two of the four city council seats are up for grabs in a few months, plus the mayor’s office. A portion of voters will see a race with two choices in District 2 in the Nov. 3 election. Council member Cindy Fosi is being opposed by newcomer Rachel Hernandez.


Rachel Hernandez — Candidate

Hernandez has issued an introductory statement for district voters.

“I am devoted to ensuring growth remains true to the many families and residents in the heart of Riverbank. I plan to do this is by fostering relationships and collaborations at every level.

“I will be transparent and available to residents; I will collaborate with neighboring cities and counties to ensure we receive fair and needed resources; and join forces with organizations that support measures addressing rising costs of housing and preventative measures to address homelessness. And I will advocate for competitive jobs and opportunities for our youth so that they are called to live and invest in our city.”


Cindy Fosi — Incumbent

Fosi said she is “excited to continue to support the City of Riverbank and its citizens. As a City Council member, I have contributed in many ways to improve our city and the lives of our citizens.”

She said examples of her council accomplishments include co-writing the existing Fireworks Ordinance that has a $1,000 fine for all illegal fireworks. She also noted that she “had blinking crosswalk signs installed at the crosswalks at the new Dollar General to protect our pedestrians when crossing the street.”

She’s an active member on the Riverbank Facebook Community Pages to address public concerns, and a member of the Riverbank Historical Society and Friends of Jacob Myers Park.

“I’ve assisted in the creation of the agreements for all dispensaries within the City of Riverbank, providing protection for our citizens and children.

“Over the past 20 years I have been employed in county and city government positions with emphasis on projects and budgets. I have been on the Riverbank Budget Advisory Board since its inception. I have served as District 2 council member for the past four years.”


The other council seat up for election this fall is District 4, currently held by Darlene Barber-Martinez, and Mayor Richard O’Brien’s seat is also being voted on this year. No one took out nomination papers to challenge these two, so they are running unopposed.

City Elections Official Annabelle Aguilar has posted election information on the city’s website,

She reports that the elections Satellite Office will be at the Riverbank Community Center, 3600 Santa Fe. She said it will “replace the typical neighborhood polling locations, as well as providing many other voter services.”

Aguilar added that, “Beginning 9 a.m. Tuesday, October 6, 2020, at least two ballot drop off location will be available within the City of Riverbank,” but they are yet to be determined.

She noted that Monday, Oct. 19, is the last day to register to vote. However, “if you missed the voter registration deadline, you can conditionally register to vote at the Elections Satellite Office up until the end of the Election.”

Current Vice Mayor Luis Uribe, who represents District 1, and District 3 council member Cal Campbell will see their seats come up for election in 2022.