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Fun, Experiments At Little Einstein Camp For Kids
Einstein kids
Campers Beckett Hagberg and Aiden Ross discovered what kinetic sand was like during camp last week. - photo by VIRGINIA STILL
Einstein Tie Dye
The minicamp for Little Einsteins was filled with experiments including tie dye T-shirts that Claris So and Angelo Alvarez are showing here. - photo by VIRGINIA STILL

With a three day minicamp, children from ages three- to six-years-old got to have new discoveries during Little Einstein Camp hosted at the Scout Hall from 9 a.m. until noon.

Camp Leaders Valorie Franco and Taneha Zulawski had a few new experiments for the little ones each day and some outdoor activities. There were 12 kids that participated in the camp and all experiments that were created the kids were allowed to take home.

“Discoveries took place outside as well as we watched ants in their own habitat and how they gathered their food,” noted Franco. “We explained to the children that ants have part of their gasters that are translucent and when given colored sugar water the children were able to see their stomachs change colors.”

New to the ‘to do’ list this year, Little Einstein Camp was filled with a variety of experiments like creating crystals in glass bottles with pipe cleaners, kinetic sand, creating tie dye T-shirts, and sensory bottles.

On Monday the campers started out making their own slime which they seemed to really enjoy, according to Franco, as well as a Gummy Bear experiment that failed but was interesting. For the slime experiment each child was given a zip lock bag with ingredients that they mixed until they were able to pull, stretch, and mold the contents.

“The children had fun with a new experiment every day,” said Franco. “We made kinetic sand which is similar to playing with beach sand, but without the ocean. Another hit was the slime which the kids thoroughly enjoyed because what child doesn’t love to get their hands messy. It was similar to playing with play dough the kids said, although some were not too certain about the texture at first but were excited to take home what they had made.”

Creating tie dye T-shirts and crystals occurred on Tuesday and on Wednesday they made a ‘rain cloud’ with water, shaving cream, and food coloring.

“All in all the camp was a great success for kids and staff alike,” expressed Franco. “We got to learn from not only experimenting but from each other.”

In July the City of Riverbank will be offering Cheerleading Camp, Outdoor Adventure Camp, Summer Fun and Science Camp as well as Family Fun Nights on select Wednesdays.