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Riverbank Road Resurfacing Project Moves Slowly
Crack Seal.jpg
A work crew undertakes a project to seal cracks on streets in downtown Riverbank. Here, the group looks to mend fissures in the surface of the road. In the front is a flag man, slowing traffic on Fourth Street, then comes a worker with an air hose, blowing the dirt and dust out of the crack. Following the truck are workers sealing the cracks with molten black latex, then one helping seal the latex, followed by a rear guard, who protects the crew from oncoming traffic. Ric McGinnis/The News

In what has become a series of extended projects, streets and roads in and around downtown Riverbank are in various stages of being resurfaced and re-painted this month.

Although work began several weeks ago, as of last Friday, areas of Patterson Road, between First and Third streets, and Oakdale Road between Patterson and Morrill roads, are yet to be completed.

On Patterson and Oakdale roads, the resurfacing is done, but painting of most of the lane lines in the project areas are not yet finished. In other places, mostly in downtown Riverbank, cracks in the surface of streets have been or are being repaired.

The delay in the line painting, according to city officials, is some confusion between the contracting company, which has previous work experience in town, and its sub-contracting company, which had made some mistakes that must be fixed. Apparently there is a dispute as to whose responsibility the ‘fix’ is, said officials, causing the postponement.