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Road Work, Construction Continues Around Riverbank
Topeka Street Road Work
A full road work crew has been busy on Topeka Street in the past few weeks. On Thursday, Nov. 1, even though it was Veterans Day, a holiday, they were working immediately in front of the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Station 26, between Third and Fourth streets, leveling the road bed. Ric McGinnis/The News
Road work Riv

Despite the observance of a national holiday, Veterans Day, on Thursday of this past week, road crews continued to work on completing the rebuilding of Topeka Street, especially right in front of the fire hall there.

The holiday work was part of an emergency response taken by the city to speed the work to free up access to Stanislaus Consolidated Fire District’s Station 26.

The situation was expected to cost the city about $125,000 more to fix. Contractors were to remove some of the soil and mix it with a cement treated base material that allows the roadway to be compacted more firmly.

This material was installed in front of the fire hall on Thursday, Nov. 11, Veterans Day, with work on the other block of Topeka, between Fourth and Fifth streets on Friday.

At the same time, gas line replacement continues on Roselle Avenue, as it inches south from Patterson Road, block by block. While the section of Roselle is being worked on during the day, traffic is detoured around it, through residential neighborhoods and back to connect with Patterson.

Just east on Patterson Road, at the intersection with First Street, work is ongoing to replace sidewalks alongside the railroad right of way, near where it crosses First to connect with the BNSF rail yard. Sometimes, work there causes traffic on First to be detoured.

In other neighborhoods of Riverbank, from Crossroads east, across town, slurry seal work is happening. This is causing residents to find other places to park rather than in front of their houses on the days the work is scheduled.

And as the sealing is competed, other crews have to return to repaint the lines and pedestrian crossings at the many intersections involved. By Friday, Saxon Road, in front of Crossroads Elementary School was sealed but the lines hadn’t been repainted.

And Prospector’s Parkway, also next to the school, was scheduled to be worked on this week.