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Local Movie Screens Still Off Limits
The parking lot remains empty and the screens dark at Riverbank’s IMAX and Galaxy Luxury+ Theatres, despite the lifting of stay-at-home restrictions. The Phase 3 recovery on the COVID situation was begun last Friday in California, with the local theaters expecting to re-open within the next month. Ric McGinnis/The News

Phase 3 Recovery in California’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic began for many locations on Friday, June 12 but the parking lot of the Galaxy Luxury+ Theatres remains empty and its screens are still dark. And that includes the IMAX.

A local spokesman for the SoCal-based company said it would probably be some time in the next month before the screens would come alive.

State guidelines for the reopening of venues included under the classification of ‘Family Entertainment Centers’ indicate that movie theaters can reopen with reduced capacity. They note that the state Department of Public Health suggests a 25-percent capacity rate, or up to 100 attendees. They also say that “these businesses should suggest people remain six feet apart.”

In the interim, the Galaxy is offering a special sale of their movie popcorn. As posted on its website, they’re selling huge bags of the fresh popcorn, selling for $25, but they are including a $25 gift card, for use when the theatres are ready to re-open.

They were to begin selling on Monday, June 15; the catch is, patrons have to make their orders on the website and schedule their pickup time.

The Galaxy chain has theaters in Arizona, Washington, Nevada, and Texas, as well as in California.