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Masters Championship Former Councilman Preps For Water Polo
Former Riverbank City Councilmember Curtis Lineberger has revealed yet another side of his varied personality and talents.

Serving on the Council from 1996 to 2004, he always showed an innovative, imaginative and humorous approach to city matters. That included creating Sam the Patrolman, a mannequin dressed as a police officer that sat motionless in his parked patrol unit but effectively slowed the traffic.

Now, Lineberger has admitted to being somewhat of an expert water polo player, specializing in goal, and will travel to Perth in Western Australia next month to play on a U. S. water polo team competing in worldwide championships.

Although now over 50 and about to compete with players as young as 30, he's kept in shape and he's a goalie.

"That means I don't have to swim back and forth, back and forth like that," he said while watching a video of a vigorous college game that makes you tired just watching it. "All I have to do is tread water, draw myself up waist-high in the water with a scissors kick and block the shot."

Now a resident of rural Oakdale, he's been selected to play in the 12th FINA World Masters Championships on April 15 through 25 that are expected to draw about 8,000 athletes from France, Germany, Spain, China, the United States and around the world for competition in swimming, diving and water polo events.

Lineberger began playing water polo at Sunnyhills High School in Fullerton. He played for a school that was always competitive and eventually won the state championship. Then following graduation, he was recruited to continue playing water polo at the University of California at Davis. His team earned seventh place in the nationals. He also gained a degree in biological sciences there.