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Tips For Super Bowl Party Food-Drink Pairings Offered
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With the big game fast approaching, experts at BevMo offer some food and drink pairings to make your Super Bowl gathering a super party.

Typically, there isn’t much originality when it comes to Super Bowl party food. And even less thought goes into the right beers and wine to complement the food, which is a crucial fumble, according to the beer and wine experts at BevMo, the West Coast-based beverage retailer.

If you’re thinking of doing a quick look at what types/varietals of beers and wine match up best with your wings, guacamole, chips and six-inch heroes, BevMo’s heads of wine and beer can offer their seasoned picks. For example, beer expert Amy Gutierrez suggests:

• Pizza – Hawaiian style pizza, try a classic American blonde ale, as the sweetness in the malt goes well with the ham and pineapple, it also tones down the acid in the fruit.

• Southwestern Style Chili – goes well with a Brown Ale, as the nuttiness of the ale will tone down the heat.

• Asian Style Wings – goes well with a wit beer from Belgium, as the beer is brewed with spices such as coriander and orange peel.

• Chips and salsa – plus guacamole and cheese, goes well with an amber lager, as this style of beer has the sweetness to tone down the spiciness and the lager cleanses the palate of the salt from the chips.

• Pulled pork sandwiches – a porter style beer will complement the pork with its smoky flavors and it could go with either a BBQ sauce or a tangy Carolina sauce.

• Veggies and bacon and cheese dip – an IPA style beer, will cut the fat of the bacon in the cheesy dip and leave your palate clean and wanting more.

And chief wine buyer, Bill Hayes, says this is the way to tackle Super Bowl staples with wine:

• Buffalo Wings — Zinfandel if the wings have a BBQ sauce; Riesling if the wings are spicy (a dry Riesling with high acidity will cut through the spice).

• Guacamole and Chips — Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc. A crisp white will cut through the fat of the avocado. A Grenache from Spain works if you prefer red.

• Grilled Burger with Blue Cheese — Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. Go big on the big game.