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Boxing In Riverbank HIITs Its Stride
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The H.I.I.T Club boxing gym recently had a training session going on and these students were not showing the bags any mercy.

The H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) Club boxing gym, 3306 Santa Fe in Riverbank, brings boxing and an intense workout to the community. Owner Travis Price is a USA Boxing Coach, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, and a former boxer with over 20 years’ experience that has chosen Riverbank to call home and the place to share his skills.

Price grew up in San Leandro and started his boxing career at a local boys club when he was 15 years old. He liked it so much that he spent the next 10 years boxing in amateur fights and the Golden Gloves. He also trained in a pro gym called King’s Gym in Oakland. King’s gym has produced professional boxers like Andre Ward.

After boxing for all those years, Price decided to train others. He started working for a fitness gym and for the next 10 years of his life he devoted himself to being a personal trainer. Price is a NASM certified personal trainer.

He moved to Riverbank seven years ago and was commuting to Pleasanton for five of those years. The commute was tiring and he wanted a change. He decided to open his own gym and wanted it to be like the one he remembers growing up in.

The doors of Price’s H.I.I.T. Club gym opened in December 2012. The gym offers group boxing classes for kids, teens, and adults. The boxing classes are offered to students starting at age seven and up. Price also offers one on one personal training. The students also get the chance to participate in sparing matches with other gyms. Recently, members at a gym in Hayward made their way to Riverbank to have a sparring match with the H.I.I.T Club. Families and the community were invited to come out and see the athleticism.

The gym, however, is not only for those that want to fight. The training that people go through at the H.I.I.T Club is also for those that want to get into shape.

“There is a small percentage that wants to box,” said Price. “The others just want to learn a good workout.”

Price stated that two of his older clients have 20 or more pounds in two months. The training consists of learning offense and defense among many other things like nutrition tips.

“The workout is so intense and even though these guys aren’t really boxing in the ring they are just doing the workout and getting in great shape.”

Then there are other clients like a 15-year-old girl that trains at the gym that will be appearing in an upcoming amateur fight.

“She is really good,” said Price.

The ring is not for everyone, Price said, and he will not put people in the ring unless they want to be there.

“You don’t have to be a boxer, you don’t even have to want to get up in the ring to spar, just come and do the workout,” expressed Price.

Currently, there are summer specials, family specials, and other offers at the H.I.I.T Club. Price also speaks Spanish. For more information contact Price at 209-845-8291, stop by the gym, visit them on Facebook, or their website